On 28th of May, Jellyfish Education in the North of Vietnam had a meaningful volunteer trip to the Ban Ho and Xuan Lac Primary School in Cho Don, Bac Kan. Ban Ho school is comprised of 51 students, from grade 1 to grade 5. And 100% of the students here are ethnic minorities, who are in difficult circumstances.

Jellyfish Education Khu vực miền Bắc tổ chức từ thiện tại Điểm trường Bản Hỏ

Jellyfish volunteers, with the hope to join hands to improve their learning conditions, have travelled more than 250 kilometers of slope to bring little presents but full of hopes from all staffs of Jellyfish. Because we believe that, the future of our children, is the pride of our country.” That future is likely to be closed due to difficult material conditions in this out-of-the-way place.

Chuyến xe tình nguyện của Jellyfish đã khởi hành từ 4h sáng để kịp gặp gỡ các em học sinh

Probably because of the heavy rain during the previous days, the land road from the main school to the school in Ho village became muddy and slippery than usual. Jellyfish members had to stop and walk a long way to school. Thanks to realistic experience, the Jellyfishers really understand the harshness of students’ daily journey to school.

Chuẩn bị đồ đạc

Con đường đất đến với điểm trường Bản Hỏ

When the volunteers arrived, it was in the high-noon, and all members are tired after the journey longer than 7 hours. However, when we saw the children were playing, with the bright smile on their innocent and callow face, all the fatigue before seemed to dissipate in a moment.

Thanks to supports of the teachers here, fleetingly, the volunteers can stabilize the children and start the exchange program. A series of activities took place. Every single sentence and laughter have resounded through the mountain, to clear all the distances between region and ethnic. We all came, sing and play together, and share each moment to the others.

Các em học sinh dễ thương của trường Bản Hỏ

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao, the leader of the Jellyfish volunteer team, shared the purpose of Jellyfish’s charity trip and wish to help children in improving their learning and living conditions, to bring hope that children’s path of learning, even a little bit, will be easier. On this trip, Jellyfish donated 6,000,000 VND for Study Promotion Fund of Xuan Lac Elementary School and 51 scholarships to pupils, each scholarship worth 300,000 VND.

Đại diện công ty trao tặng tiền cho Quỹ khuyến học của trường

Responding to the meaningful gift of Jellyfish for the students, Teacher Uyen, the Principal of Xuan Lac primary school also thanked Jellyfish for the company’s attention as well as the spirit of love and share of Jellyfish employees with difficult areas such as Ho Village.

After nearly 2 hours of exchanging with children, Jellyfish’s volunteer trip moved back to Hanoi. But our journey will not stop there. Certainly in the future, this love journey will continue to roll, as we know, many students in difficult circumstances are in need of community contributions.

Jellyfish is proud to be the bridge to international education, supporting thousands of young people in Asia on their journey to study and conquer human knowledge. However, it will be even more proud when we – members of Jellyfish Education Vietnam join hands with the community, support difficult children conquered letters. Because we know The future of our children, is the pride of our country