With the vision of becoming a leading enterprise in providing comprehensive human resource development solutions, Jellyfish has always strived to research and develop new products. This February, Jellyfish launches a completely new course: the Japanese Restaurant – Hotel course.

Objectives of the Japanese Restaurant – Hotel course

For the Japanese Restaurant – Hotel course, the goal that Jellyfish Vietnam aims to is to provide high quality human resources for the restaurant and hotel industry, especially the Japanese market.

After completing the course, students will not only be proficient in Japanese communication skills in the hotel and restaurant service industry environment, but also understand and apply the skills, operations of the service industry in the Japanese spirit. Thanks to that, students can successfully apply for jobs at restaurants and hotels in both the Vietnamese and Japanese markets.

The difference of the Japanese Restaurant – Hotel course

To achieve the above goals, Jellyfish has researched to have a course that can create the best quality for students. Outstanding points of the course include:

  • Highly specialized Japanese and Vietnamese teachers with many years of experience in Japanese language training for corporate classes in the restaurant and hotel industry.
  • Learning materials are built based on the unique requirements and characteristics of the restaurant and hotel major, helping students develop comprehensive skills.
  • Support and introduce jobs in Japan in the restaurant and hotel industry with high income for students.
  • Support interview practice and edit resumes for students applying for jobs.

We hope that with the Japanese Restaurant – Hotel course, Jellyfish will bring an effective, comprehensive solution for human resources for the service industry in Vietnam and Japan.

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