JF Coffee Talk: Transmitting Inspiration – Spreading Passion

There is one head aching problem: at Jellyfish, from our boss to staff, we choose difficult mathematical problems to solve, the difficult issues to do.

Then, even with a simple internal training program, the requests and directives are given out in extremely complicated ways:

Boss: Our company wants to escalate internal training.

Colleagues: 12 years of high school, on top of university time, I have no intention in studying anything else. 

Still colleagues: Is there any way we are still trained but not studied? 

Here is another colleague specialized in comment spamming: Study is ok but it must be study from passion guys!


And here we go the beginning of our JF Coffee Talk story. 

In a general term, JF Coffee Talk is a series of Jellyfish Vietnam internal training, which is scheduled twice a month. By joining this event, everyone is requested to prepare nothing but an empty stomach to enjoy a couple of cakes whilst sipping the coffee – a rare mutual passion of JF-ers; and to welcome the expected topics unexpectedly =)))

To dive deep in details, then, well, at JF Coffee Talk, participants will unitedly agree to move towards one and only target: increase personal JF points and to win MVP awards!

JF- Point is personal bonus point of employees at all levels at Jellyfish. 


Some on the scene sharing from us to you:

This is the “Review” when the boss asked to write in an imitate servilely way:

JF Coffee Talk shows a different approach to internal training.

I, not only receive the opportunity to “give and take” the combat experiences from my boss, my colleagues, but also own the ability to discuss in order to untie the problematic knots of our teammates and even myself. What an accomplishment feeling!

Year End Party 2021 Jellyfish

A review in boss style

Jellyfish Coffee Talk has brought me the opportunities to interact more often with my colleagues, to get to know more of their individual goals and ambitions. These understandings assist me in having more ideas for our Marketing activities and internal training in order to connect teams, groups as well as supporting everyone reach their personal goals within organization ones.

Jellyfish Vietnam

Mai Dieu Linh – Miss Teen Ambassador at JF

This is the first time I joined such meaningful regular internal program. From the Coffee Talk, the superior can hear my aspiration and thoughts as well as for me to understand the company’s strategy and goals so I am aware of the direction to make efforts.

Additionally, these intimate talkshows have consolidated our relationships, helped us to know and support other’s work for the accomplishment of the set goals.  

Mai Diệu Linh – Đại sứ Miss Teen tai JF

Tran Thu Phuong – The Gen Z Ambassador at JF

JF Coffee Talk has opened up the chance for me to access people’s diverse experience as well as experimenting the space of closeness and deeper understanding between colleagues.

I do look forward to each and every JF Coffee Talk to relax and listen to everyone’s sharing. 

Trần Thu Phương

A youngster likes to call herself old to be more confident ^^

Being an internal training program focusing on improving competency for staff, JF Coffee Talk has brought multiple opportunities for me to explore my limitless potential.

I and my colleagues are shared experience to together enhance our knowledge as well as improving the working environment to be more civilized and dynamic.

Trịnh Chi Linh

A “review” needed loads of brainpower to guess the author’s name

To dear JF Coffee Talk!

Firstly, I would like to send you a thank you. Thanks to Coffee Talk, I can reframe some things and demolish some thoughts. I am even happier to know what I shared have created values to people surround me, and they are well received. I am extremely excited when it comes to JF Coffee Talk time. I am also especially interested in some of the sharing. Listening to them excites me effusively, brightens up my spirit, helps me to work more productively.

Though you were born with no trumpets but hopefully, you will be loved more and more by JFers!

Đỗ Thùy Linh

JF coffee talk - 1

JF coffee talk - 2

JF coffee talk - 3

Arduous problems are hard to solve, high goals are hard to reach, but once we find the answers, land the destinations then the happiness will be doubled. This is the reason and motivation for Jellyfishers to always be ready to accept any challenges!

If you are not interested in study, just like us, but still want to have knowledge to shine, then please prepare your CV and apply right away so we can become each other’s teammates!

From Jellyfish Vietnam
The chosen one

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