Eng- Your future – the pride of our country

“Back in 2010, when we first established our representative office in Vietnam, we were deeply aware that with our mind, bravery and ideal of Vietnam nation, our next Viet young generation will be the future of Asia and the whole world. We truly desire to accompanying you on this journey full of dreams and ambitions. 

The journey because of and for education over the past 15 years in Japan, 12 years in Vietnam has been inspiring and motivating us to continuously set new goals, possibly not huge but full of community responsibilities. 

In the coming time, not only can we accompany the current young Vietnamese generation, we also devote to contribute our little efforts to connect and support children in remote areas, who are in difficult living situation but having the dreams to go to school, to conquer knowledge. And this is the reason why we have decided to establish the scholarship fund named after this belief.”

– CEO JF Group.


– Deployment organization: Jellyfish Vietnam

– Objects receiving fund: Unfortunate children in remote areas who are willing to overcome hardships

– Operation funds:

  • Direct fund from our business activity: with each student who successfully enters in the country to study abroad, Jellyfish Vietnam will donate 1.000.000 VND to the fund (Jellyfish summarizes and transfers money to the funds in January each year)
  • Internal contribution from Jellyfish Group staff;
  • Voluntary contribution from other individuals and organizations.

– Operation Principle:

  • Publicity and transparency;
  • Take advantage of material/spiritual contributions from all organizations, individuals for the scholarship purposes.

– Deployment plan:

  • Organize the charity program 1-3 times per year
  • Format: award scholarships, build libraries, …
  • Details of each charity plan are published on our website at: one (1) month prior to the charity date.

The forerunner of the Scholarship fund: “Your future – the pride of our country” are the charity events organized by Jellyfish in the previous years.


Jellyfish believe and hope that with these practical experiences, we – with the companionship and direct support of the current Vietnamese generations, can develop the scholarship fund “Your future – the pride of our country” rapidly, to be able to light up and maintain hope for more children. 

2020, then 2021, when the whole world is sunk into crisis and difficulties because of the Covid – 19 pandemic, it’s also the time for us to retrieve our self-worth, receive changes, being gratitude and appreciate little things in life. These little things can be what we give at the present and will be returned under different forms in the future tense. 

Life becomes harder when we live for others, but it also becomes richer and happier – Albert Schweitzer 

As a fluctuating year is coming to an end, we would like to send out this powerful message in the replacement of millions thank you messages to our students, international students, customers who have been, are and will be using Jellyfish’s services, because it is you who are really giving. 

From Jellyfish Vietnam with sincere thanks!

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