Đỗ Lê Duy – Học sinh Việt Nam đầu tiên giành được học bổng toàn phần Kyoto iUp

Achieving a scholarship is always the goal of any student when talking about studying abroad. Getting a scholarship is hard, getting a full scholarship from Japan’s top national university is much harder. Yet from Vietnam, there were 2 excellent students have succeeded. Let’s meet the first student in this article!

In the first year of launching Kyoto iUp, Do Le Duy excelled to become the only Vietnamese representative in this program and received a 100% scholarship.

Duy’s scholarships include:

– Entrance fee: 282,000 JPY
– Annual tuition: 535,800 JPY
– Living expenses: 120,000 JPY / month
– Cost of learning Japanese in Vietnam – Jellyfish Education is the only training institution designated by Kyoto University
– Cost of 6-month language learning in Japan

After 150 hours of free Japanese classes at Jellyfish Education, Duy officially went to Japan and became a student of Kyoto University, starting his impressive journey.

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About the Kyoto iUp scholarship program

With the aim of training international talents for Japan and the world, Kyoto University has established the Kyoto iUp (International Undergraduate Program) exclusively for international students.

The curriculum is designed to be bilingual, learning in English and Japanese with a variety of subjects such as Human Studies, Education, Law, Economics, Science, Technology, Agriculture…

After the success of previous years, Kyoto University decided to increase the number of scholarships up to 20 for the October 2021 term. With the potential of Vietnamese students, Kyoto University as well as Jellyfish Education both hope to give more scholarships to excellent students this year.

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For more information about Kyoto iUp full scholarships, please contact

Kyoto iUP Admissions Office

Or the only media representative authorized by Kyoto University in Vietnam:

Jellyfish Education Joint Stock Company, Room 1309, Floor 12A, CMC Building, Duy Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
Hotline: 0967 289 362