First thing came out of the email box this morning is the request from my boss:

Write a news about the company’s 12th birthday.

Lightheaded feeling from the company party is still floating around, I quickly accepted the task. Since our interns are capable of writing ordinary news, then with my high spirit, I decided to do something different for this special content.

For me, 12 years of the company development, is not only the growing journey of the whole group when working and dedicating non-stop together, it is also the journey where individuals explore their own limits whilst finding the answer for the question: “How long can you go with the Jellyfish family?”  – A “traditional” question in every “review” session when extending a working contract or each year end review. From which after years working at the company do I realize “How long isn’t always a question of time”.


Jellyfish Group established the first office in Vietnam, located at Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi (Jellyfish Hanoi). A humble step to start an ambitious journey of dreams and aspiration.

The young leaders, enthusiastic ferryman, pioneering overseas students of Jellyfish met and grew up from here.

Jellyfish Ha Noi


Jellyfish Vietnam opened our branch at Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong (Jellyfish Hai Phong).

If you follow Jellyfish for long enough, you probably already know about Jellyfishers’ hobby of solving difficult questions. The establishment of JF Haiphong was deemed to bring the new approach when solving the problems of our Jellyfishers, to break down the barriers and to make the impossible possible.

Jellyfish Hai Phong

2014 – 2015:

Jellyfish Danang, Jellyfish HCM and Jellyfish Hue respectively came into operations with the mission to better serve the Central and Southern markets.

The regional “conflicts” started from here when internal meetings between Vietnameses, which needed “language translators”, continuously held. Uncountable difficulties, challenges within Saigon erratic raining season, or the “rush to come but stubbornly refuse to go” rains in the Central, as long as you are patient then understanding and achievements would surely come.

From here, Jellyfish has recorded two strange human groups (still being reserved up to now): group “Employees are good at arguing with boss” and group “Boss likes to be mistreated”

2016 – 2019:

Jellyfish Vietnam is growing everyday together with the development of the international Jellyfish community. The emergence of new leaders, the projects to connect South East Asia to Japan come into operation and strong development,… are highlights of this journey.

International Education Institute TIEI, BIT – 2 schools of Jellyfish
GAB Project – Connecting top universities from Japan to Vietnam, Indonesia and The Philippines


From the past to the present is 12 years, how long will be the present to future?

How long can simply be tomorrow but how long can also be forever.

As long as Vietnamese young generations still have the aspire to conquer the language, dream to experience a modern education or a promising career future in multinational enterprises, then, Jellyfish Vietnam individually, or Jellyfish Vietnam as a whole, still has the reason for existence, the goal to develop and the journey to go.

This is the faith of our Jellyfishers!

Drawing back to the traditional “review” questions of Jellyfish: “How long will you go with the Jellyfish family?”. Turns out, the answer can be truly simple.

I hope my journey, as well as my colleagues’ around me, will be forever, same as the journey Jellyfish will go.

5/4 – The establishment day of Jellyfish Vietnam

12 years – The proud journey of Jellyfish 

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