Not “Born Pink” but “Born Green” to “dye green” Thailand for 5 days and 4 nights

Another summer has come and Jellyfish Vietnam’s annual summer travel event is held. This year’s summer trip is quite special because the company’s members have the opportunity  to “go abroad” to Thailand for 5 days from June 28 to July 2.

Journey to discover Thailand

The long-awaited trip of the members officially started when the convoy departed to Noi Bai international airport port.

After nearly 2 hours, the members arrived in Thailand. This trip, Jellyfish Vietnam stayed in 2 big cities of Thailand: Pattaya city and Bangkok capital.

During the journey, the members can learn about the history of the formation of Thailand as well as the culture, traditions and customs of the people here. The whole company had the opportunity to visit the monumental constructions of Thailand, to the sacred temples of the Buddhist country to pray for good luck and good things to come to them.

Visit the Golden Buddha Mountain – where there is a 130m high Buddha statue carved straight and inlaid with gold on the cliffs.
Visit the Muang Boran ancient city.
Visit the Muang Boran ancient city.
Aerial view of Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.
Cruise on the legendary Chao Phraya River.
Cruise on the legendary Chao Phraya River.
Bangkok capital seen from Baiyoke Sky Hotel – The tallest hotel in Thailand.

The trip to connect the pieces of Jellyfish Vietnam

After the trip, the members of Jellyfish Vietnam not only understood more about a new land but also gained a very valuable thing, which is cohesion.

After a hard-working year, 5 days of travel is a time for Jellyfish’s employees to talk, meet and share with each other in all aspects of life. The time spent for sightseeing, eating, and living together is the time when people can open their hearts and interact with others.

Going to Coral Island (Koh Lan Island) on a speedboat.

This trip not only connects members in a department, but also a link between departments and branches together. Hopefully, with this connection, Jellyfish Vietnam’s members will have the energy to work well as well as be able to cooperate smoothly to create better results at work.

Let’s take a look at the memorable photos of Jellyfish Vietnam’s destinations during the summer trip to Thailand 2023!

Visit Big Buddha Located on top of Pratumnak hill.
Taking pictures at the port before going to Coral Island.
Visit Nong Nooch tropical garden.
Visit Nong Nooch tropical garden.
Visit the Muang Boran ancient city.

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