As people who share the same educational ideal, in the “Towards the Sun” social project campaign, Jellyfish Vietnam cooperates with V.E.O (Volunteer for Education Organization) to deliver meaningful community experiences with the goal of enhancing social responsibility among young Vietnamese.

Jellyfish Vietnam is always interested in educational social activities since education is an important link in the development journey of each individual and collective, and social projects will be the key to bringing harmony and a strong connection in the community. Through the social project campaign “Towards the Sun”, we and V.E.O have prepared special activities for Jellyfish Vietnam’s Japan overseas students in particular and the young generation in general, such as:

2 days 1 night voluntary trips to villages in Vietnam’s northwest and northeast

Volunteer trips for overseas students of Jellyfish Vietnam to experience Northwest culture and become acquainted with different cultures. We hope that this activity will build a connection between Jellyfish Vietnam’s overseas student community before they come to Japan, so that they have the opportunity to get to know each other, make friends, and support each other in the future.

Training course on Building Social Projects

This course is accompanied and supported by the strategic partner, V.E.O. Through the course, Jellyfish Vietnam hopes to increase the cohesion among our overseas students and help them improve their soft skills, thinking ability, and ability to handle situations so that they can comprehensively develop themselves.

Social Project Building Competition

This is a contest for Vietnamese students to show their creativity in building a social project for the community, for young Vietnamese, with support and coaching from V.E.O, co-hosted with Jellyfish Vietnam.

With the goal of becoming a leading international human resource provider, Jellyfish Vietnam focuses not only on professional knowledge but also on soft skills for young Vietnamese. We aspire to enhance comprehensive education and to provide opportunities for youngsters to become global citizens. We hope that this will be an opportunity for us to accompany young Vietnamese on the path of comprehensive personal development through meaningful activities that have many educational values.


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